QSO by Date

Contact during May 2011

28 May 11ZL2KBRRF80klNew ZealandPSK3120m14.070000
28 May 11KB7UZBDN08ppUnited States of AmericaPSK3120m14.072759
28 May 11N2EOCFN20United States of AmericaPSK3120m14.071788
28 May 11N7OEPCN87tnUnited States of AmericaPSK3120m14.072293
28 May 11KC9IMREN51voUnited States of AmericaPSK3120m14.072209
28 May 11KF5GRIDM75ffUnited States of AmericaPSK3120m14.070000
28 May 11W4VZHEM96vwUnited States of AmericaPSK3120m14.070670
28 May 11K5EVREL09rjUnited States of AmericaPSK3140m7.035876
28 May 11KD8HSVEM79avUnited States of AmericaPSK3140m7.035977
28 May 11KR4UEL87ptUnited States of AmericaPSK3140m7.035788
28 May 11VA3MJRFN03bfCanadaPSK3140m7.036164
28 May 11KD5BYBEM64puUnited States of AmericaPSK3140m7.035941
28 May 11K5EVREL09rjUnited States of AmericaPSK3120m14.070778
27 May 11XE1GKDL70iqMexicoPSK3120m14.070697
27 May 11N8MNIEM89gvUnited States of AmericaPSK3120m14.071387
27 May 11KD7ZLFCN85jkUnited States of AmericaPSK3120m14.071101
25 May 11W8JXMEL88sxUnited States of AmericaPSK3120m14.072207
25 May 11WA4FLZEL95trUnited States of AmericaPSK3120m14.071374
25 May 11KE5TDEM35scUnited States of AmericaPSK3120m14.070496
25 May 11KE5TDEM35SCUnited States of AmericaPSK3120m14.070500
25 May 11K9ZJEN53uaUnited States of AmericaPSK3120m14.071548
24 May 11TI3/W7RIEJ89auCosta RicaPSK3117m18.101342
24 May 11W8KQEN85gaUnited States of AmericaPSK3117m18.101698
24 May 11AD6ZRDN40cjUnited States of AmericaPSK3120m14.070741
23 May 11N6HRDM13pwUnited States of AmericaPSK3120m14.071001
23 May 11F5ODFJN18gwFrancePSK3120m14.070784
23 May 11WH7GGBL11djHawaiiPSK3120m14.070999
22 May 11TI2UNAEJ79wvCosta RicaPSK3117m18.101415
22 May 11K1ADMFN54chUnited States of AmericaPSK3117m18.101412
22 May 11K1ADMFN54CHUnited States of AmericaPSK3117m18.101400
21 May 11K8IRCEN37jhUnited States of AmericaPSK3120m14.071693
21 May 11WB8RMAEN82duUnited States of AmericaPSK3117m18.101438
21 May 11UA0JEIPO30sgAsiatic RussiaPSK3120m14.070836
21 May 11RW1CLKO59bnEuropean RussiaPSK3120m14.072859
21 May 11RV3LEKO85ssEuropean RussiaPSK3120m14.072550
21 May 11US7KCKO21wiUkrainePSK3120m14.070000
21 May 11YC9DEBOI71ogIndonesiaPSK3115m21.071433
20 May 11N7BLNDM43cjUnited States of AmericaPSK3117m18.101099
19 May 11AC8ICEN72dvUnited States of AmericaPSK3115m21.070982
19 May 11AC8ICEN72DVUnited States of AmericaPSK3115m21.071000
18 May 11W0NBPEN31taUnited States of AmericaPSK3117m18.101801
18 May 11N0KMDM67vrUnited States of AmericaPSK3117m18.101287
18 May 11LU/IW7EHCFE49iuArgentinaPSK3115m21.070720
18 May 11WB7EEM29ueUnited States of AmericaPSK3120m14.070000
18 May 11VE3CLTFN03gpCanadaPSK3120m14.071381
18 May 11K4CMCEM75United States of AmericaPSK3120m14.070713
18 May 11K4CMCEM75MUUnited States of AmericaPSK3120m14.070700
17 May 11VE7ZTWCN79CanadaPSK3120m14.072437
17 May 11YC9DEBOI71ogIndonesiaPSK3120m14.072453
16 May 11VK3CVFQF22paAustraliaPSK3120m14.070000
14 May 11KA9RZDEN54xqUnited States of AmericaPSK3117m18.101729
14 May 11KD5XGEM51hhUnited States of AmericaPSK3120m14.071193
14 May 11K5ZGDM88qaUnited States of AmericaPSK3140m7.035500
14 May 11N9FREM37lcUnited States of AmericaPSK3120m14.072270
13 May 11N9AVYEN52qfUnited States of AmericaPSK3115m21.072439
13 May 11UA0CKPPO80lmAsiatic RussiaPSK3120m14.071886
12 May 11KE7AVCN88ujUnited States of AmericaPSK3120m14.070000
11 May 11KC0UERDM68blUnited States of AmericaPSK3115m21.070000
11 May 11K6RCFDM12jwUnited States of AmericaPSK3120m14.071370
11 May 11W0AYDN26xoUnited States of AmericaPSK3140m7.036264
11 May 11AF6JJDM24United States of AmericaPSK3140m7.035000
11 May 11LU2HODFF86tiArgentinaPSK3120m14.071780
11 May 11KI6YAADM22gqUnited States of AmericaPSK3115m21.071048
11 May 11KI6YAADM22GQUnited States of AmericaPSK3115m21.071000
11 May 11PY3EDGF49MTBrazilPSK3115m21.070000
11 May 11PY3EDGF49mtBrazilPSK3115m21.071295
10 May 11WB9FCPEM69hmUnited States of AmericaPSK3115m21.070900
08 May 11KI6JPECM97arUnited States of AmericaPSK3120m14.071230
08 May 11AJ4HWEM75vuUnited States of AmericaPSK3120m14.070982
08 May 119V1DBOJ11wjSingaporePSK3120m14.071110
07 May 11KD7WIICN85jfUnited States of AmericaPSK3115m21.070987
07 May 11JA1OYYPM95uuJapanPSK3115m21.072236
07 May 11TI2HASEJ79wvCosta RicaPSK3115m21.070483
07 May 11K9ZJEN53uaUnited States of AmericaPSK3115m21.070000
07 May 11KD8EZSFM09United States of AmericaPSK3112m24.921722
07 May 11W7IVMDN41cnUnited States of AmericaPSK3120m14.071725
07 May 11KF7IRDCN86eeUnited States of AmericaPSK3120m14.070786
07 May 11AC7GPDN17grUnited States of AmericaPSK3120m14.070000
07 May 11AC8IZEM89gxUnited States of AmericaPSK3115m21.071367
07 May 11KE7TACCN85atUnited States of AmericaPSK3120m14.071111
07 May 11YC3TKHOI62isIndonesiaPSK3120m14.070877
07 May 11N7UVHDN17nrUnited States of AmericaPSK3120m14.071292
07 May 11N7UVHDN17NRUnited States of AmericaPSK3120m14.071300
07 May 11N4IJEM15kmUnited States of AmericaPSK3120m14.071702
06 May 11VR2XLNOL72biHong KongPSK3117m18.100483
06 May 11AD6ZRDN40cjUnited States of AmericaPSK3140m7.035000
06 May 11WB2RYVFN31fbUnited States of AmericaPSK3140m7.035797
06 May 11WB2RYVFN31FBUnited States of AmericaPSK3140m7.035800
06 May 11VE6JUB/QRPDO05oiCanadaPSK3120m14.072194
05 May 11K6RPVDM03usUnited States of AmericaPSK3140m7.036585
05 May 11VA7DGPCN89meCanadaPSK3140m7.036276
05 May 11KK6NDM03tvUnited States of AmericaPSK3140m7.035500
05 May 11K6BFDM04keUnited States of AmericaPSK3140m7.037993
05 May 11K6BFDM04JFUnited States of AmericaPSK3140m7.037990
05 May 11WR1CKFN42mlUnited States of AmericaPSK3130m10.141756
05 May 11K0TPPEM48rjUnited States of AmericaPSK3130m10.141468
05 May 11NY6UCM97AHUnited States of AmericaPSK3120m14.070000
05 May 11NY6UCM97ahUnited States of AmericaPSK3120m14.070924
05 May 11RX3DDKO95ltEuropean RussiaPSK3120m14.071045
04 May 11K5MTDM64uwUnited States of AmericaPSK3120m14.071508
04 May 11W2HIYFN31cpUnited States of AmericaPSK3140m7.036901
04 May 11W5EWEL49United States of AmericaPSK3130m10.141298
04 May 11RU3FAKO84ruEuropean RussiaPSK3120m14.071142
04 May 11US5QEQKN77mjUkrainePSK3120m14.070745
04 May 11VE6AVKDO33jmCanadaPSK3120m14.070663
03 May 11KJ4ZPDEM60ikUnited States of AmericaPSK3120m14.071100
03 May 11W4ELGEM94United States of AmericaPSK3120m14.070000
03 May 11W4ELGEM94United States of AmericaPSK3120m14.070000
03 May 11WB4ZXZEM95pmUnited States of AmericaPSK3120m14.071401
03 May 11XE1SVTEK09vaMexicoPSK3120m14.072249
03 May 11YY1MGTFJ49siVenezuelaPSK3140m7.036662
03 May 11AB6ORDM13ctUnited States of AmericaPSK3140m7.035788
03 May 11ZL3NBRE66imNew ZealandPSK3120m14.072579
03 May 11VE6VISDO23rtCanadaPSK3120m14.071876
02 May 11KI6LNGCM88xfUnited States of AmericaPSK3120m14.071300
02 May 11W7TSQCN87United States of AmericaPSK3120m14.071184
02 May 11N2GWKEM77gtUnited States of AmericaPSK3120m14.070804
02 May 11NS2CEL88swUnited States of AmericaPSK3120m14.070000
02 May 11VA3YCFN03guCanadaPSK3120m14.071781
02 May 11W0LPREM37idUnited States of AmericaPSK3120m14.070797
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