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Contact with W7R:

29 Sep 12W7RNDM09eiUnited States of AmericaRTTY40m7.041683
08 Jan 12W7RYCN85suUnited States of AmericaRTTY40m7.041706
29 Dec 11W7RTXDM78pwUnited States of AmericaPSK3140m7.036503
25 Sep 11W7RNDM09United States of AmericaRTTY40m7.039293
03 Sep 11W7RCN88odUnited States of AmericaPSK3120m14.071033
08 Apr 11W7READN74ggUnited States of AmericaPSK3140m7.035000
10 Sep 10W7RJRDN17hoUnited States of AmericaPSK3120m14.071686
18 Jun 10W7RUGDN33wlUnited States of AmericaPSK3120m14.071700
14 Jun 10W7RBRCN85nmUnited States of AmericaPSK3120m14.070998
15 May 10W7RIPDN45kpUnited States of AmericaCW40m7.036301
15 May 10W7RUGDN33wlUnited States of AmericaPSK3140m7.036804
27 Mar 10W7RNDM09cjUnited States of AmericaLSB80m3.713750
31 Dec 09W7RJRDN17hoUnited States of AmericaPSK12580m3.581495
31 Dec 09W7RJRDN17hoUnited States of AmericaPSK6380m3.581505
31 Dec 09W7RJRDN17hoUnited States of AmericaPSK3180m3.581505
28 Aug 09W7RCN88odUnited States of AmericaPSK3120m14.070994
25 Apr 09W7RTOCN87lcUnited States of AmericaPSK3120m14.071104
26 Mar 09W7RIPDN45kpUnited States of AmericaCW40m7.037825
13 Mar 09W7RETDN13tnUnited States of AmericaPSK3180m3.580996
04 Jan 09W7RYCN85suUnited States of AmericaRTTY15m21.088780
04 Jan 09W7RYCN85suUnited States of AmericaRTTY80m3.578346
03 Jan 09W7RYCN85suUnited States of AmericaRTTY20m14.080140
29 Sep 08W7RDPCN87xoUnited States of AmericaPSK3140m7.071414
13 Jul 08W7RNDM09cjUnited States of AmericaLSB40m7.197540
23 Feb 08W7RSJDN64msUnited States of AmericaRTTY20m14.088297
23 Jan 08W7RJRDN17hoUnited States of AmericaPSK3180m3.581501
01 Dec 07W7RSJDN64msUnited States of AmericaRTTY40m7.038662
01 Dec 07W7RSJDN64msUnited States of AmericaRTTY20m14.084194
27 Nov 07W7RDPCN87xoUnited States of AmericaPSK3180m3.580475
22 Sep 07W7RJRDN17hoUnited States of AmericaPSK3140m7.071485
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