Contact Detail

Contact with N5KWN:

29 Sep 12N5KWNEM20hhUnited States of AmericaRTTY40m7.041047
22 Aug 10N5KWNEM20hhUnited States of AmericaRTTY40m7.037500
08 Feb 09N5KWNEM20hhUnited States of AmericaRTTY40m7.047752
25 Jan 09N5KWNEM20hhUnited States of AmericaRTTY80m3.588312
04 Jan 09N5KWNEM20hhUnited States of AmericaRTTY20m14.091523
18 Oct 08N5KWNEM20hhUnited States of AmericaRTTY40m7.044756
28 Sep 08N5KWNEM20hhUnited States of AmericaRTTY20m14.096351
31 Aug 08N5KWNEM20hhUnited States of AmericaRTTY40m7.040904
20 Jul 08N5KWNEM20hhUnited States of AmericaRTTY20m14.084000
05 Jan 08N5KWNEM20hhUnited States of AmericaRTTY15m21.086392
01 Dec 07N5KWNEM20hhUnited States of AmericaRTTY20m14.099492
21 Oct 07N5KWNEM20hhUnited States of AmericaRTTY40m7.037406
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