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Contact with KI3N:

30 Sep 20KI3NEM73cnUnited States of AmericaFT840m7.076102
24 Sep 20KI3NEM73cnUnited States of AmericaFT820m14.076200
26 Oct 11KI3NEM73CNUnited States of AmericaPSK3110m28.120100
26 Oct 11KI3NEM73cnUnited States of AmericaPSK3110m28.122060
12 Sep 11KI3NEM73CNUnited States of AmericaPSK3140m7.036910
12 Sep 11KI3NEM73cnUnited States of AmericaPSK3140m7.036888
11 Sep 09KI3NEM73CNUnited States of AmericaPSK3120m14.070100
11 Sep 09KI3NEM73cnUnited States of AmericaPSK3120m14.070881
05 Dec 08KI3NEM73cnUnited States of AmericaPSK3140m7.035886
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