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Contact with K4T:

04 Jan 14K4TEM70vnUnited States of AmericaPSK3140m7.070979
20 Feb 12K4TAKEM37idUnited States of AmericaPSK3120m14.071171
19 Apr 11K4TEPEM63jtUnited States of AmericaPSK3110m28.122017
31 Jan 11K4TJJEM83dwUnited States of AmericaPSK3140m7.036997
01 Mar 10K4TOLEM84svUnited States of AmericaPSK3140m7.036134
28 Jun 09K4TSFM18hhUnited States of AmericaPSK3140m7.069625
27 Jan 09K4TEREM90esUnited States of AmericaCW40m7.035500
10 Feb 08K4TZZEM85sgUnited States of AmericaRTTY20m14.073926
05 Jan 08K4TDEM64puUnited States of AmericaRTTY20m14.074078
30 Nov 07K4TPEFM03lrUnited States of AmericaSSB40m7.235000
29 Sep 07K4TDEM64puUnited States of AmericaRTTY40m7.044752
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