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Contact with W4GAC:

29 Sep 12W4GACEL87psUnited States of AmericaRTTY40m7.043089
28 Feb 09W4GACEL87pqUnited States of AmericaRTTY20m14.078162
03 Jan 09W4GACEL87pqUnited States of AmericaRTTY20m14.076152
18 Oct 08W4GACEL87pqUnited States of AmericaRTTY40m7.042386
23 Feb 08W4GACEL87pqUnited States of AmericaRTTY20m14.107888
06 Jan 08W4GACEL87pqUnited States of AmericaRTTY40m7.042343
21 Oct 07W4GACEL87pqUnited States of AmericaRTTY20m14.080000
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